2022 Online

Our online jam will be back in 2022! More info and registration will open later this month. Stay tuned!

2021: One big game jam

Global Game Jam NL was first hosted in 2021, after pandemic regulations caused the international Global Game Jam (more info on game jams below) to become an online event.

Our first-time organisation was comprised of site organisers from Zoetermeer, Groningen and Amsterdam, with support from other schools and jam locations across the country.

Game jam?

Game jams are comparable to hackathons, but for games. In under 48 hours, you create a game from scratch, including design, artwork, building and testing. Game jams revolve around inspiring one another, going crazy with experimental ideas and celebrating how wonderful game development is.

This event is part of the worldwide Global Game Jam community.

What do I get?

a large social community

In this online edition we offer you a large social community.
Through our Discord server, we will provide you with the tools to easily find others to form a team. Also this is where we will post announcements. We will have various channels where you can, for example, showcase your game and chat with the other teams.

3 day twitch stream

In our Twitch stream you can see what others are up to, watch in depth interviews with professional in the game industry, play party games and more!


Thanks to our sponsors, we can send you a goody bag that will make it a memorable experience.

What do I need?

The GGJ is mostly attended by game students and professional game developers, though we invite everyone who’s excited about game development to come! Jammers work in teams, but don’t worry: if you don’t have a team yet, you can assemble one on the (digital) spot. In general, how you get your tickets doesn’t influence team assembly. This means you can order individually.

When ordering, don’t forget that we just offer the community. We trust you will bring everything you will need to create a game, or be part of a game developing team. If you’re not sure what you need to make a game, we’re sure the friends in your new team will be happy to give you some advice before the jam!

Stay tuned for more info on this national platform in 2022.

The 2021 core team was comprised of Marianne Bossema, Vincent Huisman, Thomas Jager, Kjell Neumann, Wietske Overtoom, Job Talle, and Jurgen Welschen.