Join us at the GGJNL 2017 demo night

Our sponsor Microsoft Netherlands is hosting a demo night at their office in Schiphol on February the 28th. Join us for a fun evening of playing the games that were created during the Global Game Jam 2017. Meet jammers from other GGJ locations and have a drink!

Want to showcase your game, or just drop by and play some games? You can sign up over at Eventbrite.

See you there!

The Global Game Jam 2017 is over!

First of all, amazing work from everyone who joined this year’s Global Game Jam! YOU made this event great and we thank you for joining the whole world this past weekend to make something unique. According to the official Global Game Jam site: “Over 36,000 jammers in 702 sites across 95 countries have created over 7,000 games, meaning that #GGJ17 has broken all of last year’s records and become the newly-crowned Biggest Game Jam Ever.” Those numbers are amazing and you are part of it!


In the previous post you can see what jammers in Rotterdam were up to. On Sunday I visited the NHTV Breda where 250 jammers were in a hurry to finish their game before the deadline. Despite the approaching deadline they were in a good mood. It was a merry chaos throughout the building where classrooms where normally classes are given were filled with hard working participants. All desks were crowded with laptops, keyboards, controllers, music equipment and many empty cups of much-needed coffee.


Above is a picture from the game Jolly Jellies by Team Grapefruit. In this multiplayer game for up to 4-players everyone controls a jelly and you need to bounce the other jellies into a portal. The player who bounces the most other players into their portal wins the game. When asked about what the hardest and best part of participating in the game jam was, Artist Lars Kruik from Team Grapefruit said the following: “The hardest part was the jumping and movement physics. We didn’t use the standard physics that come with the engine we’re using, because it clashed with objects in the environment. I had a great time at this jam because of the full dedicated team we have. We all came together to make a game and have a good time!”.



Concert Crackdown is a game where you play as a rock star that blasts sound waves from his guitar to keep rabid fans away from the stage. The fans come in four different colors and you need to use the right colored sound wave to keep them at bay. You’ll need to act fast because they’re quick to swarm on you. Once you’ve hit enough fans you can unleash a shock wave that will clear out all type of fans nearby.



The NHTV Breda didn’t have a competition this year but they did have an audience award, the chosen game was Crest as pictured above. In Crest you play as two ‘creatures’ who are inside the subconsciousness of a dying man. The creatures want to restore the happy memories the man once had and need to work together to get to the center of his memory. Cooperation is important because every few seconds a rumbling noise starts to build up and is linked to a shock wave representing the  heartbeat of the dying man. If you don’t hold onto each other you will be teleported back and the puzzle resets.


Matthijs van de Laar, the team’s creative director had the following to say about the game: “Before the jam started our team had already decided that we wanted to make a cooperative game and that audio should play a big role. Fortunately the theme of waves was very useful to build our game around that. The game Journey was a big inspiration for coming up with the style of the game. Our two audio designers did a great job with the audio of the game. Once the rumbling noise starts, an audio track of twelve seconds plays, getting chopped up and scrambled. We calculated that there are 45 million different arrangements of that twelve second track in our game!


Team Dejima worked on Trumpede while wearing thawb robes throughout the entire game jam. In the game Trump has just been elected president and the masses want to flee from America. It’s up to Trump to stop them by blocking the wave of fleeing masses with very patriotic items such as hamburgers, Wall-mart stores, Uncle Sam hats and giant walls. If you let the masses catch up with you it’s game over!


At 17:30 everyone gathered in the auditorium to look at some of the games that were made by different teams. Unlike previous years, there wasn’t a competition hosted by the NHTV Breda but there was an audience award that went to the team who made Crest. A little past 18:00 the presentation was over and the Global Game Jam 2017 for the Netherlands was over. Everyone went home, tired but happy they contributed to an awesome event. You can look at the showcase for the Breda games here:

Other GGJNL locations

Rotterdam and Breda weren’t the only locations where awesome things were created. Take a look at the funny coverage at Windesheim Zwolle and the winning game Uhntis at the Saxion University jam. There are also a lot of pictures of multiple jam locations over at our Flickr page.


Have a look at the game jam in Rotterdam

The Global Game Jam is going on full force! All over the world people are creating whatever they can imagine around this year’s theme of ‘Waves’. We’re going to have a look at what teams are coming up with at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, who’s hosting a jam location for the first time.

Above we can see two members of Team Whirlpool testing paper prototype mechanics for their tower defense game: ‘Trump Tower Defense‘. You play as Donald Trump who’s held up in his own tower. Waves of Mexican immigrants are flooding in from across the border and want to take down the tower. It’s up to Trump to stop them from tearing it down by using wacky power-ups to stop them.

Not all visuals are defined when you start working with a concept. Here we see Team Dist making an ‘Abstract herding’ game. They haven’t decided what the final art style will be yet. In the middle of the screen you will have a flock of ‘abstract sheep’ that you need to keep together by creating shock waves. At the same time there are enemies attacking your flock by trying to drive them away.

Pop Up‘ is a sort of point & click adventure with cardboard-like graphics. The world in ‘Pop Up’ has different layers that you can switch between to solve puzzles by interacting with objects like manipulating water to douse a fire in another layer of the world.

Here we have three jammers working on ‘The Space Wave‘ a game for Android in which you control a spaceship to the rhythm of a beat. You need to use the gravitational orbits from planets to slingshot yourself into black holes to advance. Most teams at the venue have some more-or-less pre-made teams but these three were but mere strangers to each other since yesterday. They’re participating in the Global Game Jam to put their different skills in programming, art and sound design to the test.

Resonance‘ is a game that has you searching for sounds in a wide open world. You need play different notes to navigate and find artifacts that are hidden within the landscape. The search is narrated by a very beautiful piano soundtrack by one of the two audio designers at the venue. Both of them are helping multiple teams with the FX and musical score for their game.

Audio designer Chris is a first time jammer and has the following to say about the Global Game Jam: ‘I’ve been making music since I was twelve. I’m participating for two reasons, one is because this is a great way to put your skills to the test and two because it’s a lot of fun! The only thing I’m missing is my studio equipment, you can only make so much with your laptop.

Don’t forget to make a page and submit your game to the official Global Game Jam website!

The Global Game Jam kicks-off!!

The Global Game Jam 2017 has begun for us here in the Netherlands and Europe! We wish everyone participating good luck making a game within these crazy and fun 48 hours!

Whether you jam in your office:


Or in a former bomb shelter:


Have fun and be sure to check back for updates!

We’re also pleased to share that there will be a demo night for the GGJNL17 at Microsoft Nederland on the 23rd of February. Stay tuned for details.

Join us at the GGJNL Demo Night!

The Global Game Jam is only an hour away but we are happy to announce that like last year, there will be a Demo Night organized by Microsoft Netherlands. The event is held on February 23rd at the Microsoft Office at Schiphol, the Netherlands. Save the date!

Everyone is welcome to showcase their own GGJ game at the demo night. We’ll keep you updated on the details, so check back soon!

Microsoft Nederland is sponsoring T-shirts!

We have exciting news for you: Microsoft Nederland is sponsoring this year’s T-shirts for the GGJNL! Every year we strive to give jammers an awesome collectors item and T-shirts are always a huge hit – we’ve seen people wear the shirts for years after the jam. Microsoft Nederland has been a partner of GGJNL in previous years, and we’re happy to welcome them this year as well.

Micorsoft Logo

The T-shirts always feature cool artwork by a game artist, and this year Grendel Games has made a very nice design. We asked Lieuwe de Wit, 2D/3D artist at Grendel Games about how he came up with the design: ‘The idea started between me and Richard Jonkman. We were having a spontaneous brainstorm back in December about game jam shirts. From there the idea flowed about a simple jam mason jar, filled with game consoles. We thought it was fitting for the T-shirt!’

We hope you all like the T-shirts and happy jamming!

3 days left till the Global Game Jam 2017

The biggest game jam in the world is right around the corner!

Any last minute decision jammers can still find a spot at the Hogeschool Rotterdam & The Big Building Groningen. All the other locations are closed.

The wait is almost over and we hope this year’s jam will be another great event. Fun fact: half the people who signed up are also first time jammers.


The diversifiers for the Global Game Jam 2017 are revealed!

Anyone can join the Global Game Jam and use their own unique approach and methods to make a game. The diversifiers are a voluntary and optional set of constraints for jammers who are looking for an extra challenge, spice things up or try out something new.

The diversifiers for 2017 are:

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Groningen, Breda and Warp Zone Amsterdam locations are full!

We hope everyone had a great new years celebration, we wish you all the best for 2017! Here’s an update on the locations:

The Big Building in Groningen, NHTV Breda and Warp Zone Amsterdam are all full. The Amstel Campus Amsterdam waiting list is also closed. Haarlem is about to get full too. Only 1 spot remaining so if you want to be a part of this jam, act quick!

Saxion Enschede, Leeuwarden and Hogeschool Rotterdam still have plenty of space left. Windesheim Zwolle has some remaining spots left too. Time is running out however, in less than three weeks the jam will start!

Happy Holidays from the GGJNL Team!

In less than a month the Global Game Jam 2017 will kick-off!

For those of you still looking for a place to jam, the following locations still have a lot of space: Saxion Enschede, Leeuwarden, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Windesheim Zwolle.

The GGJNL Team wishes you all very happy holidays and we’re looking forward to have another great time at the jam!