The Big Building Groningen is full!

The Big Building Groningen location has filled up completely. For those of you looking for a place to jam, take a look at these spots: Saxion Enschede, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Leeuwarden & Windesheim Zwolle.

Don’t forget to fill out the form if you want to jam!


HKU Utrecht is full!

The HKU University of Arts Utrecht is full! These other locations still have a lot of open spots left: Amsterdam HvA, Amsterdam Warpzone, Enschede, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

Be sure to fill in the form if you want to jam before it’s too late!

We’ll keep you updated once other locations become full.

Global Game Jam 2017 – Registration is now open!

In two months time, a brand new edition of the world’s largest game jam will take place again. The registrations are open and everyone can attend. The Global Game Jam 2017 is held on January 20-22nd and there will be a whopping ten locations part of GGJNL!

You can register at one of the following locations:

You can sign up here. With the general registration form you can specify your preferred location. Even with ten locations, some locations fill up faster than others, don’t wait too long to sign up! More info on GGJNL locations can be found here.

For worldwide announcements, news and other information you can visit the official website. Updates on the GGJNL can be found here and on Facebook & Twitter (#GGJNL and #GGJ17). We will keep you updated on the status of the locations in the upcoming weeks.


Play the games at GGJNL Demo Night!

Here’s your chance to play this year’s games made at the Global Game Jam! The GGJNL organization and our host Microsoft invite you to Schiphol and meet jammers from GGJ locations all over the Netherlands. Anyone interested is welcome to come to the GGJNL Demo Night!
Come have a drink with us and more importantly, check out all the games! :)
Sign up on Eventbrite.

GGJNL 2016 Winners!

Check out all the winners of GGJNL Locations below. Congratulations to all participants and winners! Winners from each location will showcase their games at the GGJNL Demo Night, Feb 25th at Microsoft, Schiphol. Registration opens soon!



Winner – Space Cake Delivery

Eric van Gastel, Pieterjan van Gastel, Yongyi Jin, Koen Damen, Frederique Gerritsen



1st Place – The Rituals of Life

Danial Azimi, Jordi Lancel, Jan Zhang, Martin Mounim el Meziani, Stef den Ridder, Marijn van Krieken

2nd Place + Audience Award – Will of the Gods

Anton Dessov, Darko Ignjatovic, Guus Waals, Jan de Graaf, Leszlo Pieper, Ted Bom

3rd Place – The Unknown

Christian Kokott, Erwin van Hoof, Martijn van der Linden, Erik te Molder, David Oppenberg




Best Student Game – Twisted

Andor Reineking, Matthijs van Gelder, Zhifan Yang, Anton Belinsky, Erik de Vries, Shilene Vonk

Best Overall Game – Wingman

Thom van Haren, Thomas Jager, Robert Mertens, Freek Verheijde, Harm-Jan Wiechers


Winner – Shamanarama

Lucas Guzman, Robert Mooijman, Leon Klein Breteler, Tom van Kruijsbergen, Antonio Hoogervorst



Winner – Monster Maelstrom by BoxDraggers

Gydo Vossebeld, Tim Moelard, Yorick Germs, Jip Aversteeg, Stefan Leushuis, Daniel Leushuis



Best Game – Nice to Mate You by Flint

Best Game Design – ??????? by Sokpop

Best Technical Game – Royal Tea by Duplodokus

Best Art – Nice to Mate You by Flint


1st Place – Hidden Heathen

Rick Sorgdrager, Joni van der Leeuw, Fabian van Dommelen, Joris van Leeuwen

2nd Place – CHAAC

Steven Gunneweg, Dennis Reep, Bejamin van Arkel, Bas Roding, Stijn Groothuis

3rd Place – YOLOLO

Desmond van der Meer, Jonathan Staats, Camiel Steenstra, Lucas Hoenderdos, Gianluca Simonelli, Boris de Wilde

Audience Award – OH GOD, IT’S MONDAY

Chantal Steur, Jur van Oerle, Silvan Herrema, Simon Karman, Norbert Laducky, Joris Wildenbeest, Martijn Prins


The Warpzone location in Amsterdam also produced several awesome games, and in the true spirit of GGJ made the process of jamming their biggest prize. You can check out more about the Warpzone location here.

Global Game Jam kicks off!


The Global Game Jam has started! If you want to know what’s going on in the Netherlands this weekend, check out the Twitter hashtags #ggjnl & #ggj16.
Read more about the history of the GGJ in this nice article about the origins on the DGA website.
Happy jamming everyone!

GGJ 2016 Diversifiers Revealed!


5For those jammers looking to level up or jam on hardcore there are the GGJ16 Diversifiers!

Whether you’re looking to add to your personal challenges for Global Game Jam, or find something to help your game stand out from the crowd, diversifiers are here to help. The diversifiers are a free-for-all voluntary list of secondary constraints, that the individual teams can choose to go for, or not, as they please.

The diversifiers for 2016 are:

Comic book colours
Your game uses only 4 colours, with an emphasis on contrast 
- Accessibility, Art, Design, Pervasive

LEGO Got It Right
There are no spoken or written words in this game. This is even true in the instructions 
- Pervasive, Accessibility

The Bard’s Tale
2016 is 400 years since the death of Shakespeare. Build a game around one of his works – Content

A local game for local people
Make a game that features your country, city, or people that jam around you 
- Content, Theme

Where in the world is…
Gameplay or art changes depending on the player’s geographical location (GPS, IP location, etc). The game experience is therefore significantly different for players all around the globe – Art, Content, Design, Pervasive

Crowd sourced
Anyone who is watching it can play along!
- Design

No retreat, no surrender
The protagonist is unable to go anywhere but forward, in every situation 
- Art, Content, Design, Theme

Capture and Play – Bluetooth
Make a game with Bluetooth capabilities in which any bluetooth device near the PC that have the game would interact with something inside the game. (More items, more enemies, another challenger player, or instant co-op, etc)
 – Code

Take Control
Instead of the usual keyboard and console controllers, your game must use a custom controller
- Design, Accessibility

Marco Polo
Create a game that contains no graphical output — all information is conveyed to the player through audio 
- Accessibility, Audio

Gandhi’s Game
This game must have zero violence in its game play. Conflicts must have resolutions based on logic 
- Design, Theme

One hand tied behind my back
Create a game that can be played with only one hand. On mobile just one hand holding and playing at the same time i.e. just play with your thumb. Desktop, mouse only or keyboard only 
- Accessibility, Design, Serious

Work cooperatively with other GGJ sites within your own timezone 
 – Meta

Story Mode
No cutscenes, textboxes or interruption of gameplay. Use player actions for all your storytelling – Content, Design, Accessibility

Your world is procedurally generated 
- Code, Content

All audio assets are created by sounds from your mouth
 – Audio

What was that?
Any sound featured must not be sourced from the object in the game making that sound 
- Audio

Work and Play
The game requires the player to code/learn to code to progress – Code, Serious

Won’t somebody think of the children?
Your team must use the works from a child or children – Meta

Companion screen
The game uses a mobile device as an additional screen to show a different mode or portion of the game – Code, Design

Common Ground
Make a co-op game playable by players who have very different levels of ability to each other – Accessibility

Twitch Plays (sponsored by Twitch)
Create a live streamed game intended to be played concurrently by the masses on Twitch.

Do You Even Care? (sponsored by iThrive Games)
Drawing from guidance materials from iThrive’s subject matter experts, make a game that teaches empathy to teens.
Guidance materials from iThrive’s subject matter experts is available from:


Groningen is full!

Just before the start of the GGJ, Groningen has reached full capacity!
We’re breaking records this year – over 900 jammers have signed up so far! Awesome!

Just 2 weeks left until Global Game Jam 2016!

Hi everyone,

It’s just 2 weeks until the jam starts worldwide. As you may have noticed, Amsterdam Amstel Campus has closed their waitlist, and registrations for Enschede are closed as well. Groningen only has a few spots left, and you can also still sign up for Eindhoven and Leeuwarden.


YoYo Games is sponsoring Global Game Jam NL!

We’re also happy to announce YoYo Games as a sponsor for Global Game Jam NL! YoYo Games is known for the game development tool GameMaker, used by many teams during the Global Game Jam. GameMaker allows developers to create games in a single code base and then publish them to run natively across an unprecedented number of platforms including Android, iOS, OS X, HTML5, Ubuntu, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.
YoYo Games will provide lanyards, badges and prizes to Global Game Jam NL locations. Thank you!

Keynote Speakers for GGJ16 Announced

The Global Game Jam is happy to present Ramez Naam and Siobhan Reddy as keynote speakers to open this year’s event.

Siobhan Reddy is the Studio Director of the UK company Media Molecule, renowned for releasing games such as Little Big Planet and Tearaway, and are currently hard at work with their latest title, Dreams. One of the key aspects of the way the studio builds games is rapid prototyping – the core of every game jam.


Ramez Naam, though not technically in the field of games, has been active in the field of technology since his contribution to the development of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. He went on to become both a science fiction author and tech reviewer, supporting the concept that new technology is continuously improving human lives. He has written The Infinite Resource, Nexus, Crux, and More Than Human, and is currently writing and lecturing from his home in Seattle and as a member of faculty at the Singularity University.

We look forward to the inspiration these speakers will provide for all jammers this year!